Fashion Trends

How To Wear The Classic Garments That Transcend Fashion

FASHION is expressed through various trends that manifest the changes that occur over time. Sometimes it’s hard to follow fashion trends to the letter. However, there are four basic garments that never go out of style: black dress, black dress trousers, white shirt and blue straight jeans.

Fortunately these classic garments are combinable with the clothes that fashion dictates in each era.

BLACK DRESS: this classic garment can be used to go to work, a party, an important event or a simple outing with friends. You can combine it with the accessories dictated by FASHION at a certain time. If you go to an important party or event you can wear stiletto shoes that glamour your image. If you’re going to work, you can accompany your look with a black bag that matches everything.

BLACK DRESS TROUSERS: this classic garment is ideal for going to work. You can use a black blazer to project a formal image. Fashion offers plenty of accessories so you can add an original touch to your outfit. Choose an eye-catching accessory, so your image stands out from the rest.

WHITE SHIRT: although it’s a classic garment to go to work with, you can combine a white shirt with different details to transform it. For example, if you go to a cocktail you can wear a pearl necklace to add elegance to your look. You can use any accessory that is fashionable to keep your outfit trending. Remember that classic fashion is never rigid, but adaptable.

BLUE STRAIGHT JEANS: this basic garment is totally versatile and fits well on any occasion. If you want to dress in a rocker style you should wear a black leather jacket with studs. Pair with trendy boots and you’ll look amazing. Complement your style with any accessories that are trendy like a cool handbag and your outfit will be fabulous.