Routine To Work The Abdomen Area

Routine to work the abdomen area

It is not necessary a gym to perform exercises that help shape your figure and stay health, if you are new to the world of fitness and sports health the first workouts must have the help of a trainer to help you do the exercises in the correct to avoid future injury or muscle pain. Here we leave you three simple and effective exercises that you can do at home to burn that fat that you hate so much:


This exercise is effective when you want to burn abdominal fat in the lower abdomen. This exercise consists of placing yourself in a horizontal position on the floor, the weight will be supported on your forearms and the tips of your feet.

When this exercise is done correctly, you will be activating the abdomen, buttocks, and legs area. About repetitions, four sets of 30 seconds will be performed resting in 30-second intervals.


This exercise is important for burning fat throughout the body since it involvess a great use of muscles. You will do it by separating the legs equal to the width of the shoulders and you will do the movement as if you were sitting on a chair, lower your body at a 90-degree angle using your knees. try to maintain the position by bending your knees to 20- 30 minutes.


Holding with your legs spread the width of your shoulders, make an angle of 90 degrees with your leg using the knee, while lowering your body vertically. Later, holding the posture you will up in the first position and change legs and perform the same procedure. With this, you will working abs, glutes and quadriceps. Be careful with your back and hips, keep them straight at the same level to avoid injuries.