Skin Care

The Best Skin Care Tips For Your Body

Body skin deserves the same care as facial skin. If we have healthy body skin we can maintain an aesthetic appearance throughout our lives. Our attention should be focused on a good cleaning, hydration, nutrition, exfoliation and intense care to avoid the harmful action of the sun’s rays.

Here are the best SKIN CARE TIPS for your body.

-Choose the soap you are going to bathe with very carefully. Avoid soaps that contain too many chemicals that could attack your skin. Some of them may cause allergies and itching. Prefer those that contain natural ingredients such as aloe vera, jojoba, oatmeal, coconut, caffeine, vegetable sap, among others. If your body skin is dry, you should opt for liquid soaps that are moisturizers.

-Drink water or natural juices every day.

-Before going out, put a body cream containing sunscreen on your skin. Avoid exposure to the sun between 10 am and 4 pm. At that time the sun’s rays are too intense, causing you various health problems. If you want to look tanned, you can choose self-tanning sprays that give you an intense natural color.

-Exfoliate your skin once a week with a soft body gel. Remember to remove dead cells that accumulate as the days go by. If you have dry body skin, use almond oil for an intense hidratation. Your skin will be immediately moisturized and will acquire a beautiful glow.

-If you have stretch marks, use beauty products that exclusively treat that problem. Prefer creams or emulsions containing natural ingredients such as calendula, olive oil, vegetable mud, marine collagen or marine elastin. The key to fighting stretch marks is to moisturize the affected area every day after bathing.


These SKIN CARE TIPS for your body should be applied regularly throughout the year. As time goes by you will be pleasantly surprised by the results obtained.