Skin Care

Winter Skin Care

The winter period can be extremely stressful for the skin because the low temperature outside and low indoor humidity can disrupt the skin’s natural moisture and dry it out quite a bit. That is why you need to prepare your skin for winter days and choose preparations that protect it when icy air starts to pinch your cheeks and hands.

_Here are some helpful skin care tips during the winter months._

* Make sure your facial and body skin is always hydrated and nourished.

* Achieve that using creams and lotions with moisturizing factors (urea, hyaluronic acid) and natural waxes, which will create a protective film and prevent water loss from the surface layers of the skin.

* Use the creams, natural oils, and waxes that will be absorbed by the skin (shea butter, cocoa butter, olive, almond, macadamia, jojoba).

* Time is also significant when applying creams, at least 30 minutes before going outside, so that the skin absorbs them.

* After showering, you need to apply a cream or body milk/lotion 15 min later. Body preparation should be hydrating, with plant extracts and oils that the skin will absorb quickly, but at the same time leave a protective film.

* Choose milk and body lotions with shea butter, cocoa or coconut oil, jojoba, olive, almond, avocado oil, various herbal soothing extracts (chamomile, calendula, green tea, aloe).

* Hands and lips especially expose to cold winter weather, so these recommendations also apply to them.

* Day creams should contain an SPF of 8-15. Photoaging of the skin in winter is very pronounced.

* When choosing lotions, tonics, and facial cleansers, opt for those without alcohol (dissolves and removes natural fats on the skin – damages the lipid barrier). Use makeup remover milk, oil face wash gels, tonics alcohol-free with soothing plant extracts (chamomile, calendula, aloe), which will nourish the skin.

* Peeling is recommended as a mandatory part of winter care (to remove dead cells so that the skin can absorb everything necessary nutrients). However, in the winter, it should be limited to 2-3 times a week.

* Facial massage and your home SPA is especially recommended during winter. That will stimulate circulation and speed up regenerative processes, defensive power the organism, and even skin.

These are valuable skin care tips in the winter. Intake of fluids, vitamins, and antioxidants are implied, according to individual needs.